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Oh my god I was literally about to do this to my hair XD I take it would not recommend!

0/10 would not recommend *loud farting noises*

Though…I did put 3/4 of a bottle on so… >_>

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idk what your hair texture is like so this might not work but you could try not washing it with shampoo for a while and let your natural oils build up. it worked wonders for me and now my hair is much healthier and easier to comb too.

Heh, I usually do just leave it. I am super lazy and gross and only wash it a couple of times a week at max. It’s always been obnoxious to manage; it’s really, really thick and long with a natural wave and I hate it! I braid it every night or it will look like a birds nest in the morning but as soon as I take the braid out it’s tangled -_- *shaves it all off*

I give it a protein treatment every week but it hates me. I think it’s over processed and needs a cut. I’m dyeing back to my natural colour at the weekend so I won’t have roots and can just leave it alone for a while.

*rambles aimlessly about hair* Shut up, Bella.

I put some olive oil in my hair as a treatment coz it’s gross and I was told it works wonders and feels really nice. It doesn’t. I feel like I could cook eggs on my head. It’s dripping on my face. *vomit*

Anonymous asked: What's the age difference between Frankie & Viv?

She’s 23 and he’s 39 :)

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'Sorry,' Viv says, trying to stifle her yawn. 'My schedule has been hectic, I'm so tired.'

'I'm sure you are. It must be exhausting juggling two incredibly handsome men,' Bryony winks over the rim of her tea cup.

Viv rolls her eyes at her friend. 

'Oh, come on,' Bryony leans forward, speaking in a conspiratorial whisper. 'You can tell me. There's something going on with at last one of them.'

Viv shifts uncomfortably in her chair. Bry gives her a wink and sips her tea, waiting for the gossip.

'Nothing!' Viv protests, laughing. 'Dan says he likes me…we kissed a couple of times but that's all. And Frankie, he's about 80 and has a girlfriend.'

Bry waggles her eyebrows up and down. ‘So there is something. I knew it! I have a radar for these kind of things. It drives Oli mad. Still, I think the 80 year old has a thing for you.’

'Why, coz he held my hair back when I was blind drunk and puking? I'm sure that was really erotic for him.'

Bryony snorts with laughter. ‘Maybe he has that kind of fetish. Anyway, are we going to the spa or are we going to listen to you deny that you have a crush on a pensioner all day?’

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huehuehue, she’s coming soon >:)

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