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Anonymous asked: make them do sex

Anonymous asked: We need more pictures of Frankie with the Macho hair. He looked soo good in that. <3

It made his head look about 7 miles long. It made me very sad :(

I felt unclean as Alliance, so I made a troll. Druid. I blame Alex.

My hunters first pet was one of those crabs (3rd picture). His name was Nigel.

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Azuremyst Isle: So pretty. So soul-destroyingly boring.

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Anonymous asked: omg you didn't update you can't leave us hanging like this bellaaaaa! i hope she picks frankie :3

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Anonymous asked: Hey Bella! I was wondering how do you make the accessory tattoos look so realistic and not like a picture just sitting there on a sim leg looking like garbage lol! I hope you don't mind answering, and Thank you! ♥

Making them on skin is better, it’s also super easy (even I can do it, so…!). For accessories though, finding a decent image to start with helps (try to use ones that are drawn, and not on actual skin) and try lowering the opacity. Also, in TSRW, in the patterns box, make sure you’re setting Pattern A to a grey colour. You can adjust it lighter or darker as needed until you get it to look like it’s blended with the skin some more :)

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*loads up game*
*forgets to add poses*
*closes game*
*ooh…shiny tumblr posts*
*reopens game*
*has still forgotten poses*

Repeat x5